Reasons Tourists Prefer Holiday Apartment Accommodation Over Hotels

25 March 2019
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Are you planning to go on a vacation soon but you are not sure about the type of accommodation you should choose?  Holiday apartments have become a popular and preferred accommodation for most Australian travellers. Although hotels are the usual go-to option, travellers are choosing to consider other alternatives such as renting apartments. So, what unique benefits do apartments provide that has made them better than hotel rooms? Read this post to find out more.

One pays for the apartment, not per individual

Typically, hotels restrict the number of individuals who can occupy a certain room. In case the number of people you have come with exceeds their limit, you'll be forced to get a second or third room. This means paying more for the same stay. The expense may seem low at first but it will add up if you travelled in a group or with your family.

Enjoy customised service

A traveller who chooses to stay in a holiday apartment usually enjoys a better experience thanks to the customised services they get. Such a service is especially vital when a person is planning to stay longer because you can rely on the staff for all the essential services you require throughout your stay.

Privacy and safety throughout the stay

Apartments provide as much safety and privacy as hotels, and sometimes even more. They have reception areas and managers who monitor those who come and leave the premises. Most apartment buildings also have videophone features that allow occupants to hear and see someone before they let them in.

More amenities

When you choose to stay in an apartment, you'll pay less for more amenities. An apartment provides more living space compared to a hotel room and has additional amenities you can't find in a hotel like a laundry and kitchen facilities. The apartment will feel like a home, meaning it will be easier for you to adapt.

Freedom to choose your period of stay

Generally, apartments are flexible; you can make your stay as short or as long as you wish. You will be allowed to book for some days like in a hotel or book a month's long stay if that's what you want. This way, you'll be assured of having a cozy place to call home throughout your visit.

If you have always booked a hotel whenever you are on vacation, perhaps it's time you tried staying at an apartment for a change. You never know; you might like it. Contact local holiday accommodation services to learn more.