A Trip Above: Shopping for the Best Budget Accommodation

26 April 2017
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Whether you're planning a quick weekend getaway or a longer stint of several weeks, the accommodation you choose is likely to form the most expensive part of your stay.  Even if you go for a cheaper option, it's still likely to cut a good chunk out of your budget.  Not only that, but the place you stay can really make or break your holiday.  A bad location or lack of facilities can add obstacles to an otherwise great location and really limit your relaxation.  As such, there are a few things you should take into account when shopping for accommodation.  These will help you cut costs while also making sure you stay somewhere enjoyable.

What are the Food Options?

Especially if you're visiting an area you've never been to before, having a restaurant on-site at your accommodation can be really helpful.  It means that you'll never be stuck without somewhere to eat and don't need to stress about finding food when it gets late and you're not sure where to look.  Plus, most restaurants will have online reviews — and if the restaurant is rated well, then that bodes well for the accommodation too.

Is it Easy to Get To?

Whether you're driving there or transferring from an airport, knowing how to physically get to the accommodation is helpful.  Maybe it's just off a big road, making it really easy to get to other locations in the area.  Alternatively, it could be miles away from anything — and that means you'll spend precious holiday time just driving between tourist spots and your hotel.

Who is the Market?

If a place looks nice and it's pretty cheap, you might be tempted to book right away, but don't.  If the price seems low, it's for a reason.  One common factor in this is the target market.  If you're booking accommodation for a family holiday, for example, you may find it uncomfortable or noisy to stay at accommodation that's targeted towards groups of 20-something friends.  Reviews online should help you to ascertain this.

Are the Photographs Recent?

If the only photographs you can find of a particular place are quite old, then chances are they don't look that way anymore.  When hotels are remodelled or freshened up, they'll almost always take pictures, so a lack of them should give you an indicator of how the place currently looks.

If you're not fussy about the details, then you'll almost certainly find a great deal on accommodation.  However, you definitely shouldn't underestimate the above factors in making your decision.  Take the time to shop around, and you're almost guaranteed to end up somewhere that you'll love.