4 Sneaky Ways of Storing Items in Your Family's Caravan

28 February 2017
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A caravan is a great choice for any family when it comes to holidays; a caravan site is usually cheaper than a hotel, and you always know what your overnight accommodations will be like when you own a caravan. However, one drawback is that a caravan is often notoriously small, so you may need to consider how to store your items securely while still keeping them close at hand. Note a few sneaky ways to do this so your caravan is always organized as well as neat and clean.

Under the upper cabinets

The space under the upper kitchen cabinets may not offer much room for storage, but you can still add a flat tray with a hinge in the back that you can pull down to access, which can hold utensils, spices, or linens. You can also add drawer tracks under the cabinets and create a drawer that can also hold these items. If you're not very handy with carpentry, opt for a very short, open basket that you can screw to the bottom of the kitchen cabinets very easily, for added storage.

Next to the kitchen cabinets

The lower cabinets in the caravan kitchen also might not provide much added storage, but the area next to the cabinets may still be wasted. You can add a few slats to create a type of narrow slot that holds cutting boards or lids to pans. A magnetic strip along the side of the cabinet can also hold knives, so they're out of the drawers but also very close at hand.

In the bathroom

In the bathroom of your caravan, you may not have much drawer space to hold all your toiletries; a simple solution is to invest in some canisters that can hold hairbrushes, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and other such items. Glue a small magnet to one side of the canister, and then glue another magnet to the bathroom mirror, off to one side. You can then easily attach this canister to the mirror so your items are out of drawers and the canister you choose is not taking up valuable counter space.

From the ceiling

Your ceiling in a caravan is probably very low and cannot accommodate a pot rack or other such feature, but you may have room over the bed area to hang a basket or two. You can screw hooks into the ceiling and then install baskets to hold linens, clothes, and other such items, and get them out of your precious and limited drawer space.