When renting a vacation home, pay attention to these little details

24 July 2020
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Taking some time off your usual routine is valuable for mental and physical health. However, finding the perfect getaway can easily turn stressful. You may be looking to save costs, secure a booking before accommodations become full and enjoy as much comfort as possible.

The good news is that vacation homes are designed to check every box that you may have on your holiday list. Such homes offer more flexibility than hotels, and you also get to enjoy more privacy with modern amenities. But with so many homes to choose from, how will you know that you've made the right decision? Here are four seemingly small details that can make a big difference during your stay.

1.    View of the surrounding landscape

What's the point of planning a costly holiday to the beach if you rarely see the beautiful view? A common mistake that many vacationers make is to book holiday homes that are 'close to the beach', and yet they don't really provide a breathtaking view. While beachside properties can be costly to reserve, you can still save money by booking a home that has a view of the beach. Such a view may be slightly distant but still allows you to see the beautiful waves from your room every night. Consider how the vacation home complements the surrounding landscape before confirming a booking. Such views could define your mood and the theme of your entire stay.  

2.    Flooring

Floors don't just matter when you're buying a home. They also make a big difference in holiday accommodations. For example, warm hardwood flooring can complete the feel of a mountain hiking trip or a ski trip. Smooth laminate floors also work well on beach homes or other warm destinations. Because it can be difficult to get a good feel for the floors of a vacation home before booking, ask the booking agent to provide detailed pictures of the property. Pay attention to the flooring material used in the living room, kitchen and bedrooms.

3.    Privacy and security

Another essential factor to consider is privacy. A detached house with full fencing is a must-have for vacationers who love their privacy. If you're younger and you like interacting with others, you may be fine with a condo-style home or even an apartment. Security is also important, as you should be aware of the rate of crime in the area and how safe your belongings will be when you're out touring the destination.

4.    Number of bathrooms  

If your home has multiple bathrooms, it can be challenging to adapt to one bathroom for the entire family during a vacation. Consider how you will use (and clean) the bathroom space in any home that you're thinking of booking.

For more information, contact a provider of holiday accommodations.