Give Your Pub a Theme and Stand Out From the Competition

24 February 2017
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A lot of people dream of owning a pub one day, but very few of them actually pursue it as a serious goal. If you go about it the right way, running a pub can be a rewarding business venture, both in terms of financial gain and personal enjoyment. Unless you happen to find a pub with no competition for miles around, you'll need a way to stand out from the rest if you're to be successful. Turning an ordinary bar into a specialised or themed venue is an excellent way to bring in the crowds.

Sports bar Pubs and sports tend to go hand in hand, so if you can attract sports fans, you're likely to do well. Invest in some big televisions, mount them on the walls, and show all the big games. Pool tables are a good extra, too. If you live somewhere with a popular local team and there isn't already a bar dedicated to them, this could be a profitable niche. Decorate with team colours and memorabilia and watch the fans come flooding in.

Gastropub Pubs aren't just about booze, and if you're a foodie at heart, this could be the chance to show off your cooking skills. Gastropubs combine good food that's a cut above the usual pub grub with a cosy, welcoming atmosphere and quality drinks. If you think you could create an appealing menu, this could be a lucrative avenue.

Home-away-from-home English, Irish or American themed pubs are pretty much everywhere, and they seem as popular as ever. In large cities, they give ex-pats a place that feels like home, and other customers wander in for something a bit different. The key here is authenticity, so research your chosen theme carefully and avoid going over the top.

Music venue People love to watch a band, so if you can dedicate a small area of the pub for that or build a stage, this could be your hook. If you like a particular type of music, you could even specialise, becoming a punk, heavy metal, blues, or folk bar. There's an almost endless supply of bands to book, and you could also host a regular open mic night, which helps to build a community.

Speakeasy Prohibition-themed bars have become popular around the world over the last few years, often with a 'secret' hidden entrance, cleverly disguised. Think gangsters, jazz, and excellent cocktails, and you're on the right track.

Fantasy theme When it comes to theming a pub, the only limit is your imagination. You could go for a historical setting like Victorian London, a pirate tavern or a Wild West saloon. Perhaps build a futuristic space-themed pub, a tropical explorer's paradise or even a bar designed around a popular movie or TV show.